Corporate Profile


History of Achilles Corporation

1947 May Kohkoku Chemical Industry (currently Achilles Corporation) is founded with 2 million yen in capital.
Production and sales of rubber products begin with the head office located in Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo and the factory in Ashikaga,Tochigi.
1948 Apr PVC product production begins.
1951 Mar The head office is relocated to Shintomi-cho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
1956 Jun Osaka Sales Office is upgraded to Osaka Branch Office with the aim of business expansion in the Kansai area market.
1957 Apr Large-scale factory constructed in the Yamabe District, Ashikaga City.
1961 Jun Technical cooperation with ICI of Great Britain is launched;
polyurethane foam production begins.
1962 Sep The company's stock is listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1963 Jan Succeeds in commercial production of Cabron, Achilles' original synthetic leather. Sales of Cabron start.
1964 Feb The head office is relocated to Daikyo-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
1965 Nov Achilles K.C.I. Corp. is established in New York. (It is absorbed in 1978 by Achilles USA, INC. )
1969 Jul Ashikaga Factory No.2 is constructed to bolster the production of industrial materials such as rigid urethane shells, and materials for automotive interiors.
1973 Feb Achilles Hong Kong Co., Limited is established in Hong Kong.
1973 Oct Kansai Factory (currently Shiga Factory No.2) is established in Inukami,Shiga.
1973 Nov Kohkoku USA, Inc. (currently Achilles USA, Inc. ) is established in Everett, Washington.
1974 Aug Bibai Factory is established in Bibai, Hokkaido.
1978 Nov Shiga Factory No.1 is established in Yasu, Shiga.
1982 Feb The company's name is changed to Achilles Corporation.
1986 Jun Technical tie-up formed with A.S.Creation Tapeten AG of Germany.
1988 Mar Technical cooperation with Tarkett Sommer AG of Sweden, relating to the manufacture of industrial flooring materials, begins.
1989 Jan Kyushu Factory is established in Iizuka, Fukuoka.
1993 Dec Kunshan Achilles New Material Technology Co.,Ltd. is established via joint venture in China; production of PVC leather begins there.
1998 Dec Production of the revolutionary new electron conjugated conductive polymer "ST-Poly" begins.
2002 Sep All seven plants as well as all six group companies in Japan attain ISO14001 certification.
2002 Oct Achilles(Shanghai) International Trading Co.,Ltd. is established for the sales and import/export of Achilles products in China.
2004 Feb Operations begin at the Kunshan Achilles New Material Technology Co.,Ltd.Factory No.2.
2005 Dec Achilles Technical Center opens at Ashikaga Factory No.1.
2006 Nov Acquires Sanshin Enterprises Co.,Ltd. as a subsidiary by acquiring 100% of shares issued.
2007 Oct Introduces state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities into Ashikaga Factory No.1, aiming at production of environmentally-friendly synthetic leather for automotive interiors.
2007 Oct Achilles, as a whole business, acquires ISO9001 certification.
2008 Feb Achilles Advanced Technology Co.,Ltd. is established in Taiwan to meet demands from the ever-expanding semiconductor market.
2008 Apr A sales office of Achilles USA, Inc. opens in Detroit, USA.
2009 Mar Partnership contract signed with ITOCHU Corporation for "SYUNSOKU" brand of Achilles shoes.
2015 Feb The head office is relocated to Kita-shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo.
2019 May Achilles(Foshan)New Material,s Co., Ltd. is established in China.
2022 Apr Transfer to the Prime Market on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.